"Una mujer sin tetas no es mas que un buen amigo."

"Teta que la mano no cubre no es teta, sino ubre."

Tetas de mujer, tienen mucho poder

La buena teta, que en la mano quepa

Dios dio a la mujer dos tetas y al hombre dos manos

Tiran mas dos tetas que dos carretas

Amateur Redhead

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Here you have a classic amateur photo galleries, a spectacular redhead takes many years on the network.

It’s easy to fall in love with this redhead. What I appreciate most is his eyes and smile … xD

Enjoy it.

Source: www.pajarracos.es

Amateur Girl

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Hi!!, I’m lucky and privileged to hang my first post on this nice project today.

I bring an amateur girl, the kind that could well be your neighbor, classmate or colleague, a “normal” girl who is not afraid to share its wonders with us.

Hope this amateur girl is your pleasure ;-D.

Enjoy it !!

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Tits like cookies

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Have you ever tried the vanilla custard? (I guess so). When we were kids we loved when our mother made us these rich vanilla custard. Well, now that we’re older we can still enjoy that rich taste !! The Miss Misato offers her cookies individuals in an act of kindness for us to lose that habit and can continue to enjoy what we like.

Fuente: www.tokyotopless.com

Make Mine Music!! – Highway to hell

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Highway to hell is one of the most popular songs of AC / DC, the band with Scottish origins who created over 40 years ago the Young brothers in Australia. After all these years there have been changes in the group, but still have the same rocker spirit of the day. It is estimated that throughout his career the band has sold about 200 million copies of their albums.

They have million followers worldwide, and many started in the world of music after listening to his songs. Other fans simply go to their concerts, sing their songs in the shower and also the need to create their own versions of the songs of the band.

Jess Greenberg is one of them, we leave your personal version of Highway to hell.

Olya Abramovich, the new promise

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Abramovich Olya (Russia November 6, 1989) is a model that is causing a stir on social networks. Although not very fond of the interviews and to let us know more things about them, if you have a lot of activity on social networks, especially in Instagram.

It has a nice body, a nice breasts, a nice face, nice eyes, nice ass, nice lips , nice, nice, nice, nice, NICEEEE ……. !!!!

And no …. nothing to see that Roman Abramovich, Chelsea chairman (except that last name and country are the same).

We have some examples you have in your Instagram account (@oabramovich)

Milk in Spain: quality and brands

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Recently, it has published a new study on the quality of milk from brands marketed in Spain. Overall, the quality is quite acceptable by removing the “white” brands such as Carrefour and Lidl. Others, however Mercadona have a pretty good quality.

Among the best, we can find: Tierra de sabor, Llet Nostra, La Vaquera, Condi, Kaiku, Lauki, Pascual and President.

In contrast, lower quality are: La Vaquita, Milbona, Carrefour, Auchan and Bomilk (Lidl).

The lack of access in times of crisis to quality brands is making many people, like Miss Yoshino, have decided to produce it themselves.

Source: www.tokyotopless.com

Recipe: Bananas with cream

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Recipe: ingredients for 6 people:

– 6 Bananas
– 1 liter of milk
– 800g butter
– 2 egg yolks
– 150g sugar

How to prepare: Heat the milk with the butter, just before boiling, remove from heat and let stand. Let cool a few minutes and add the two egg yolks. Then beat everything for 5 minutes. Finally, let stand 24 hours in the refrigerator. The next day we ready to put up our banana and enjoy the delicacy.
Another option is to buy ready-made, and proceed as indicated in the following examples:

Source: http://www.bustyandnude.com/

Shadow here, there shadow, make up me …

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Makeup is the art of decorating mainly visible parts of the skin, with the intention of pretending to look better society. It is also used to characterize other characters in movies, parties and events. Makeup is named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
It is a widespread practice today primarily as the female is concerned, there true professionals with a brush and some paint can do real wonders.


Stoya, small but mighty

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Stoya is a porn actress born in North Carolina, United States. Since his first appearances in the humble world of pornography, has excelled in all facets becoming one of the most sought after actresses of the genre.
It’s a simple girl, likes reading, designing clothes for your own scenes and faithful follower of social networks.
Has signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground, making all its content are linked to the producer, and has some clauses like the actors involved in the scenes must have the approval of herself.

His company has been offered several times increased breasts completely free of charge, which she rejected because she says she feels comfortable with her body.
And that’s what we like about you Stoya, the naturalness of your breasts …… mmmmmm.

Slow motion, twentieth-century technology

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The slow motion is an effect which can be extended into a video scene in time, resulting in a slow motion effect. To achieve this feat, the scene must be shot with a number of images per second far exceeds what will be its playback speed. When playing the recording at a normal rate of images, it lengthens the time to produce this wonderful effect.

Slow motion technology was invented by Austrian August Musger in 1904, and is currently used in film, video games, sports highlights, scientific research, etc.

An example of slow motion could be as follows: