"Una mujer sin tetas no es mas que un buen amigo."

"Teta que la mano no cubre no es teta, sino ubre."

Tetas de mujer, tienen mucho poder

La buena teta, que en la mano quepa

Dios dio a la mujer dos tetas y al hombre dos manos

Tiran mas dos tetas que dos carretas

Radeo, tattooed beauty

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Radeo is a model of the famous Suicide Girls page. It is one of many that update their profile on this web, which for those who do not know, is that each girl wears a diary where they go up photos, comments, etc.

Are pin-up models, most with changes in their bodies (tattoos, piercings, etc …), and among them we have set in Radeo, the girl we bring you today. Sensual, beautiful and a body of scandal makes Radeo a worthy candidate to appear in our humble community.

Source: www.suicidegirls.com

When a masseuse will require much more

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Masaje muy particular

The massages are manual treatments applied in a firm but gentle, in order to discharge the accumulated stress on the body and calm the mind.
Designed in order to relax the muscles, consist of applying different technical movements and harmonic maneuvers, to the effect that stimulates the body physically and beneficial reactions arising therein muscle, biological, metabolic and even psychological.

This massage will require much more than that, and he, far from resisting, does everything possible to satisfy his client.

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Today is the 26th birthday of Françoise Boufhal

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Today is a Françoise Boufhal’s birthday. She was born on December 18, 1988 in Northumberland, England 26 years now.

Françoise is a model, actress and presenter.
Since childhood he started with theater, joining “The Live Theatre Company” at age 11. Her first major role in a show presented by BBC Byker Grove, where he began to have some fame.
At 16 she became a slender woman and curvy, and although it was lovely and a fantastic body, modeling agencies did not want because her “low” height (1.68 cm). However, he insisted the world of fashion, and in 2009 appeared on the April cover of Maxim’s and several more.
This success was rewarded on TV too, and in 2010 made his debut on MTV to interview celebrities and collectors super luxury car in the London Motor Museum.

Hopefully be seeing a lot of this beauty.

A greeting.

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Sara X returns to congratulate Christmas

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Sara X returns to congratulate Christmas with a video. Carol, Christmas tree, gifts and, most importantly, the wonderful and agile breasts Sara X, which delights making us move to the rhythm of this classic carol.
The truth is that, although we have seen several videos of Sara X in the same style, this is the nicest, either by the holiday spirit, because Sara has us captivated, or just because it is increasingly more practical and better and better .
What is clear is that Sara X already has a great reputation for making her breasts move to the beat of the music, and it seems that people like it as we are, as their followers are growing day by day.

Greetings and Merry Christmas !!

The mystery of the tattoos of Galda

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Tattooing is one of the oldest practices in the history of mankind, perfecting his technique until today.

When someone wants to capture something tattooed on your skin, whether a message, a symbol, and sometimes even a passage of his life, a loved one or a special moment.

That said, one might ask … What does it tell us our beloved Galda with tattoos legs?
Any ideas?

Source: suicidegirls.com

Gianna Michaels about to take you downtown

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Gianna Michaels is an American pornographic actress, born in Seattle on June 6, 1983.

He began working in a burger called Dick’s. Later he became a clerk, where he was proposed to model. Gradually he began appearing on sites like First Take Videos named Becky.
Your photos began circulating the web at a dizzying pace, which led her to roll over 100 films between 2005 and 2006.
It is already established as a porn star, and features a wide range of performances, her voluptuous forms, along with her beautiful smile, her eyes and her amazing natural breasts.

We could refer to many beautiful scenes Gianna Michaels, but the most famous may be the movie “Fashionistas Safado”, which makes a threesome with Jenna Haze and Rocco Siffredi, demonstrating his mastery of oral sex and ease to masturbate with her breasts, and the film “G for Gianna”, which receives very cheerful ejaculation nearly 20 men.

In short, an expert and professional porn actress.

A greeting.

Source: coedcherry.com

Riley Steele, because the good we like

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Riley Steele (Los Angeles, 1987) is an American model and adult film actress. Today is withdrawn as the porn world is concerned, although he has done some work as a conventional actress (see Piranha 3D).
Had an exclusive contract with Digital Playground, Stoya Doll same producer, which came thanks to a series of contacts with the actress Jesse Jane.
We leave you a sample of the highlights of Riley Steele, which you can find much video material both in web and Digital Playground.

Beach day with Nana Ogura

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Nana Ogura

Today we accompany Nana Ogura to a secluded beach where she can put all your precious brown skin and remove those marks bra and panties that bother you so much.
It has an almost perfect measurements (88-59-90) and measures 160 cms. The prototype ideal for many boys. Is it yours?


Source: japanesebeauties.net

Nicole Neal, sport is health

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Nicole Neal is a young British model of 22 years. In his youth, he has practiced various sports such as basketball, football, athletics and even in recent years has been devoted to dance unprofessional.
Regardless of model, has also worked on commercials, TV shows, movies, etc. He has been featured in several magazines, mainly from the UK and is quite commonly found in the “top” Girl with better breasts.
His years playing sports have borne fruit, as Nicole has earned this spectacular body, making it worthy of all his accomplishments and that we bring here for you all.